If you have any questions you would like to ask then please contact us and submit your question to us here: Contact

Q: Where can I get tickets from?

Tickets can be bought in advance online or through selected retail outlets. Cash will be accepted on the gate on the night. See Tickets for more detailed information.

Q: What are the age restrictions on children for buying tickets?

Child tickets are available between the ages of 2 and 16. See Tickets for more detailed information.

Q: Are there train or car parking tickets?

No. As the event is now held at the Peterborough Arena, people can arrive by car or by walking to the event, but all tickets are for individual entrants.

Q: What time should I arrive if I am coming by car?

Gates open at 5pm – please do come early as there are many attractions and the roads get more congested the later you leave it.

Q: Are there any busses to and from the event?

At this moment in time there are no plans for special bus services apart from regular local services.

Q: Where can I park and walk to the event?

Official free on-site car-parking is available at the Peterborough Arena. Please do not leave valuables in the car and be aware that fireworks may trigger car alarms.

Q: Can I book tickets online?

Yes. The link to the ticket agent will be provided in the weeks leading up to the event. Don’t forget “advance tickets” can also be purchased up to and including the day of the event itself from one of the retail outlets listed on the Tickets page.

Q: Can I bring sparklers?

No. The Arena is used for animals throughout the year and the wire inserts are dangerous to animals.

Q: What happens to the money raised from the event? What charities have benefited?

Money raised at the event goes to a number of local charities in and around Peterborough via Peterborough Round Table and Rotary Club of Peterborough Minster.

Q: How many years has Fireworkfiesta been running for?

Firework Fiesta was set up in 1976 with the aim of reducing accidents caused by impromtu and unsupervised firework displays. Over those years it has made as significant contribution to safety; professional events are far safer than back garden fireworks, and far more impressive too!

Q: How much money has been raised in total for local charities?

Over £600,000 has been raised so far – thank you everyone for your support!