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Tickets can either be bought in advance, or cash paid on the night upon arrival. There are only two kinds of tickets: One for an adult and one for a child.

Advance tickets can either be purchased in person from one of the outlets listed further down the page, or be purchased online until Wednesday 2nd November.
Ticket Factory website:  Online Ticket Sales have closed for this event. Please see the outlets below for advance ticket sales.

Please note the following:

  • Pedestrian tickets only – there are no tickets available in advance for cars or trains
  • At each entrance gate, there is a kiosk for collecting tickets bought in advance, and a kiosk for cash
  • Cash payments only on the night – no cards, cheques etc.
  • Having the correct change is greatly appreciated
  • Every one of us is a volunteer – please enjoy the night
  • You can read our Terms and Conditions here.

Ticket Outlets:

Tickets can be bought in advance from any of the following outlets:

  • The Tourist Information Centre, Bridge Street – Cash or Card
  • Queensgate Information Desk (Upper Floor) – Card only
  • The Cresset Box Office, Bretton Centre – Cash or Card
  • Notcutts Garden Centre, Oundle Road – Cash only
  • Ferry Meadows Visitor Information Centre – Cash or Card
  • Ferry Meadows Caravan Park – Cash only
  • Van Hage Garden Centre – Cash only

Ticket Prices:

Pedestrians Advance On the Night
Children (ages 2 up to under 15 years) £3.00 £5.00
Adults (aged 15 and above) £7.00 £10.00

You may purchase tickets in advance. When you park your car and arrive at the Peterborough Arena gates there will be special lanes assigned. Please note the correct lane as you approach the ticket collection points.

For pedestrians who arrive on the night and wish to pay as they enter, there will also be a separate lane assigned as you approach the ticket collection points. Prices are as indicated in the above table. Proof of age may be required to gain entry. The decision of the ticket administrators is final. Please note this is a charity event.

After the event has ended at 10pm, we advise waiting a while before making your way back to your car. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

All cars will be parked at Peterborough Arena. The car park can hold up to 10,000 cars.

There are separate reserved car parking areas for disabled parking requirements. Please enquire at the ticket collection points should you require special disabled parking facilities. We advise getting there early for ease of access.

28 Responses to Tickets

  1. Megan cullen says:

    Hi, is there any tickets left?
    Many thanks

    • tony says:

      Yes indeed. Please visit our Tickets page and under “Ticket Outlets” you can find the nearest outlet to buy tickets. You can also call the Ticket Hotline: 01733 452336

  2. emma says:

    will there be plenty of tickets on the night to buy we will be walking and dont wanna get there to find your sold out!!!

  3. Lana Chapman says:

    Hi I wants know if still sale tickets for two persons and still same price ten pounds? We just wondering will be there full traffic at 5pm?

    • tony says:

      Yes, ticket prices are per person – there are no concessions for group bookings I’m afraid. There are plenty of parking spaces including the overflow grass areas around the Arena. Please come early to avoid the queues.

  4. Natalie says:

    Can you clarify ” pedestrian tickets only” Can you not book in advance if coming by car

    • tony says:

      Yes you can. Unlike in previous years, there is no ticket for gaining entrance by car. The only means of entrance is on foot (having parked up for free) and each person will either need to present a pre-booked ticket, or pay cash on the night. (No debit/credit cards please)

      • Natalie says:

        Ok thanks

      • Natalie says:

        Sorry , me again! The link to buy tickets isn’t working, it keeps saying the page can’t be found ?

        • tony says:

          Hello again :-) It is too close to the event now for TicketFactory to issue and post tickets bought online so the remaining options would be to purchase from one of the outlets listed above, or you can turn up on the night and pay at the gate. We apologise for this inconvenience and will do our best to improve for next year’s event.

  5. amy timbers says:

    hi trying to purchase tickets from the ticket factory online but the link is not working
    can i ring hotline and pay for them and be sent them in an email please if this option is available. many thanks

    • tony says:

      Sorry about that. The only Advance Tickets that can be presented are printed tickets. These are bought either online (too close to the event to get them posted now) or in person at one of the outlets listed on the Tickets page, and presented on the night. Turning up on the night and paying cash there and then is also an option.

  6. Tanisha says:

    Are there any tickets left. Many thanks

  7. Gemma says:

    Is the event likely to be cancelled due to the weather, and if so, will pre-paid tickets be refunded?

  8. lee says:

    Advance ticket link is dead

  9. Julie says:

    Can u tell me what tim the actual firework are lit please?

  10. charlie says:

    Was just wondering if children under 2 get in free or not?

  11. emma says:

    Is there seating or is it all standing please? I have a guest who wants to attend but gets claustrophobic in crowds?

    • tony says:

      There is a large covered stand with lots of seating, and plenty of space outside in the arena where your guest can find a bit of room to feel more comfortable.

      • tony says:

        Incidentally, do not sit in the back 4 rows of the covered stand as this will restrict viewing of the bigger fireworks exploding high up.

  12. Melissa long says:

    Hi i ordered my tickets online on 1st november but i have not recived an e ticket or tickets through the post which is a bit worrying. Do you accept the confirmation email as tickets?

  13. Staci says:

    Can u pay on the gate still thank you

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